Meet the Dutch water sector at BaltExpo Poland

Are you attending the BaltExpo in Poland (11-13 September 2017)? Meet the Dutch water sector at the Netherlands Pavilion (booth 8.25)!

The Netherlands is well known for its Delta approach and water governance. But our integrated approach on water reaches much further than that. The Dutch water sector also offers a wide range of sustainable solutions on efficient (waste) water management, purification, nutrient recovery, water reuse, smart monitoring, and other appropriate water technologies. Curious about the latest innovations of the Dutch water sector? Meet the exhibitors in our Pavilion and take in the Dutch atmosphere in our hospitality lounge.


Date Time Venue Programme part
12 September 2017 13:15- 14:45 Room A

Session 3a: Good practices and solutions for revitalization of inland navigation and inland waterways – Dutch experiences
A number of issues relevant to the revitalization of inland navigation and inland waterways, will be illustrated with practical project examples from The Netherlands.

Moderator: David W. van Raalten, European Director Water Management, Arcadis Europe

12 September 2017 15:00

Netherlands Pavilion:

Networking reception
Organized by the The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in cooperation with NWP




From climate change and rising sea levels, to rapid urbanization and pressure on natural resources, our world is a more complex place. Arcadis helps you navigate this complexity by understanding the bigger picture. Whether it is maximizing space in cities, making wasteland habitable or simply taking what you do further, we deliver exceptional and sustainable outcomes safely and consistently. Connecting your vision to our know-how, our people work collaboratively to create value through built and natural assets that work in harmony with their surroundings – from shopping centers in Shanghai or clean water in São Paulo, to new rail systems in Doha and reducing air pollution in Los Angeles. In the Netherlands ranging from applying the concept of Building with Nature for the creation of new islands or the port development activities in the Port of Rotterdam. And similarly, in Poland for the preparation of flood risk maps for entire country. Whatever your challenge, our teams bring the necessary perspective to provide the right answers, now and in the future. |


Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V.
Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. is a leading global services provider operating in the dredging, maritime infrastructure and maritime services sectors. The company provides creative and innovative all-round solutions to infrastructural challenges in the maritime, coastal and delta regions of the world with services including the construction and maintenance of ports and waterways, land reclamation, coastal defense and riverbank protection. In addition, Boskalis offers a wide variety of marine services and contracting for the oil and gas sector and offshore wind industry as well as salvage solutions.
Boskalis has a number of strategic partnerships in harbor towage and terminal services (KOTUG SMIT Towage, Keppel Smit Towage, Saam Smit Towage and Smit Lamnalco). With a versatile fleet of more than 900 vessels and floating equipment and 11,700 employees, including associated companies, Boskalis operates in 90 countries across six continents. |


De Boer Staal
De Boer Staal is a wholesale distributor and has large stocks of sheet steel, profiles and bulb flats in all standard sizes, grades and thicknesses, mainly for the shipbuilding industry. It also operates an in-house coating line together with steel cutting from its affiliated company De Boer Snijbedrijf. It is therefore able
to offer a flexible and comprehensive service in complete shipbuilding kits and fast completion of projects for its customers. The construction packages consist of cut, marked and, if required, shaped steel parts painted with a twocomponent shop primer. |


Evides Industriewater
Evides Industriewater is a part of the Dutch drinking water company Evides (dating back to 1874). Nearly 50 years Evides Industriewater supplies process water and treats waste water for the (petro)chemical, food & beverage and agricultural industries throughout North-West Europe. These services are provided on the basis of long term service contracts, where Evides Industriewater builds, owns and operates the plants and supplies/treats industrial water to a given specification level.
In close collaboration with local port authorities and drinking water companies, Evides Industriewater has successfully developed multi-client demin water and industrial waste water treatment plants in several ports
throughout North-West Europe. |


Janson Bridging
In the market of temporary, semi-permanent and permanent bridging solutions, Janson Bridging is one of the largest companies in the world. Janson Bridging executed over 7.000 bridge, pontoon and Roll-on Roll-off projects. Today they have branches and stocks all over Europe making Janson Bridging European market leader for renting out bridging systems. In the worldwide sales market, Janson is mainly active in Europe, Asia, Africa and South-America. Janson’s broad portfolio includes several types of modular “wet and dry” bridging systems in every load class and span desired, from pedestrian to heavy traffic bridges, from steel to polymer bridges, from coupled pontoons to harbour facilities, from pontoon bridges to self-propelled ferries.
Janson can cover all phases of the realization of a product, from its initial design, engineering and manufacturing to installation, training, supervision, maintenance and re-use. Janson’s business philosophy is to maintain a lean and flexible organisation. Janson Bridging is currently represented in Poland through an agency and is scheduling to set up of a physical branch office soon. |


SLAMdam, a temporary flood defence. Compact and easy to set up, it could make a huge difference in the event of flooding or disasters. It enables a dam to be built by 2 people in just 1 hour, spanning 100 metres in length and with a partition boundary of 50 cm! The elasticity of the SLAMdam means it can be installed on any surface. The material’s high degree of flexibility ensures that bumps are easily covered.
The SLAMdam’s unique properties render it suitable for a wide array of target groups. Obvious examples include district water boards, fire service, armed forces and disaster specialists. Nonetheless, farming businesses and private individuals are also benefiting.
The SLAMdam was developed to be sustainable and is resistant to UV, ozone, the majority of chemicals, acids and alkalis and is suitable for use in the most varied of weather conditions. Because of its resistant to chemical this product is also ideal for the petrochemical industry, it can be rapidly deployed at a chemical leak or storage of chemicals. And you can fill the dam with air for a a SLAMbridge. A cross over for people and vehicles. |


Van den Herik
Van den Herik Sliedrecht is a hydraulic engineering company. Working with water is their inspiration to come daily to infrastructure solution. Collaboration is key to their operations, with clients, suppliers, knowledge institutes and other companies. All the activities are solution-oriented with a focus on sustainability and safety. The pool of expertise is shared with independent sister companies and gives a powerful edge in multidisciplinary projects. The approach is proactive and transparent, and if a standard approach does not work, creative and innovative solutions are provided.
With their subsidiary company Herik Sp.Zoo Poland, contributes to dredging and beach nourishment projects in Poland, represented strongly on a local level in Poland. Since 2006 they successfully accomplished several projects within Poland. For example, dredging works in the seaports of Ustka and Darłowo or maintenance dredging contracts for the harbours of Szczcecin and Świnoujście. |


Netherlands Water Partnership: Uniting Dutch Water Expertise
The Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) is your gateway to the Dutch water sector. Companies, NGOs, knowledge institutes and government have joined forces in this public-private partnership. From water purification to spatial planning, form governance to land reclamation, from small scale solutions to mega structures, the partnership provides a wide range of expertise. The members of the partnership have joined forces to stimulate and offer sustainable water solutions worldwide by working together.
For more information about Dutch water expertise, projects, knowledge, publications and events around the world, please check the website |




Dutch Water Sector



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